Essential Air is a start-up from Costa Rica.


We started this project in 2016, searching for the best way of sharing with every person who doesn’t have access to clean air, an opportunity to experience the best of Costa Rica from wherever they are in the world.

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of the city residents around the world breathe air that exceed the WHO’s recommended levels of pollution, and urban air pollution it’s considered as the greatest environmental risk to health today.


While there’s no substitute for an unlimited supply of clean air, we saw this scenario as an opportunity to break the status quo of what someone should expect from a breath of clean air.


Knowing that people expect more, not only from the consumption standpoint, but from the customer experience as well, we spend the last two years developing every aspect of our brand and finding the best way to create deeper connections to better serve our customers.

We are extremely proud of the product we’re presenting you today. Our hope is that this product will help you regain your energy daily with the best thing Costa Rica has to offer: its clean and natural environment.


Esteban Santiago

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Our Team

We see the world and we see opportunities. We see strife and we see solutions.

Esteban Santiago   Founder & CEO

Esteban Santiago

Founder & CEO

Luisana Lara   Founder & Logistics Director

Luisana Lara

Founder & Logistics Director

Oscar Ramirez   Founder & Production Manager

Oscar Ramirez

Founder & Production Manager

Daniela Lizano   Art Director

Daniela Lizano

Art Director

Marcelo WIlson   Product Design

Marcelo WIlson

Product Design

Kat Andersson   Copywriter

Kat Andersson


Carlos Guzman   Audiobranding

Carlos Guzman


Ignasio Quesada   Audiobranding

Ignasio Quesada


Álvaro Díaz   Audiobranding

Álvaro Díaz


Jose Gonzalez   Film-maker

Jose Gonzalez


Evelyn Rojas   Film-maker

Evelyn Rojas


Daniela Chaves   Customer Experience

Daniela Chaves

Customer Experience

David Solano   Customer Experience

David Solano

Customer Experience



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We believe everyone has the right to live a life full of happiness and health. We believe everyone has the right to breathe clean air.

We believe Costa Rica is a country of peace, warmth, and happiness. Costa Rica is a land of sustainable energy and no wars.

We believe that sharing our country with the rest of the world can make it a little better.